The Mountain Bike Gods Don't Want Me Racing

I thought I would start racing a bit of enduro while in New Zealand. You know, just to make sure I know how slow I am. My attempts have all failed.

First was the 2W in Rotorua, on my birthday! I found out about it too late to get an entry. Then came the Low Key Super D series for Rotorua locals. The first race I went over the bars on an easy corner, catapulting my bike into the bush. The second race I smashed into a tree and dropped my chain further down. The tree was unharmed but my shoulder was bruised and I couldn't ride for a month...which meant I couldn't race the December 2W which I had paid for on the day of the injury. No refunds.

I applied for the Trans NZ. Didn't win a place. The Dodzy Enduro sold out in 2.6 seconds after going online. I didn't win a place for the NZ Enduro either.

Then a couple of days ago I got an email to say there are some last minute spots for the NZ Enduro. This is a cool multi day race with helicopter transfers and heros such as Cedric Gracia and Ratboy attending. I was online when the email came in so all I had to do was click through and I would be sorted.

Then I remembered that I cracked my frame a couple of weeks ago and although I can still ride it, anything serious like jumps, drops and racing enduro against seasoned professionals is not allowed until a new one arrives.

Sounds like they had fun though.

So no racing for me. I keep hacking away at Strava times though and that is basically the same thing right?

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