Rain, mud, blood & breaks

After a week that saw Christchurch hit by almost constant rain that peaked spectacularly with a cyclone, I probably should have thought twice about going riding as soon as the sun came out. The trails had turned to rivers as the Port Hill tried to shake off all the excess water. After crossing the traverse from Rapaki to Victoria Park I was already covered in tiny mud polka dots. I wanted to ride the Flying Nun but it had been closed because of the surface water (how often can you say that the nun was too wet to ride!?).

I slid down through Victoria (Water) Park and waded through the normally tiny stream at the start of the Bowenvale DH. Thankfully this trail wasn't underwater like the rest of them and after crawling through mud up til then, I was glad to pick up some speed.

Then I crashed. Not spectacularly, but very unexpectedly. My leg was bleeding and the toes on my right foot were numb. Nothing serious. I cut myself all the time on my pedals. I walked back to work out what had happened. It turned out that my foot had hit the side of the trail and then kicked a rock that was sticking out of the hillside. Oh well.

I smiled at my bleeding leg. I liked the idea of returning from a mediocre ride covered in mud and bleeding.

By the time I got home my toes weren't numb any more and one of them had started to hurt a lot. I showered and slowly realised that the bleeding didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon and the sides of the cut were flapping around a bit in a disconcerting way.

I got a ride to the 24 hour clinic and got x-rayed and my leg glued together. The bad news is that the middle toe is broken. The good news is that it is a pathetic little break and I can carry on riding.

At least I got through 2016 without breaking anything!

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