Interview with Aaron Gwin on Pinkbike

A few years ago Aaron Gwin appeared out of nowhere and took the DH World Cup by storm, eventually taking the win in 2011 and 2012. The story of how he started racing and his life leading up to the first time he got on a mountain bike goes to show that it is more than OK not to have a clear idea of where you are heading in life, as your true calling can seemingly come out of nowhere.

"If you have a dream, chase it. You never know how good you can be unless you try. The experience you will gain in those pursuits, despite your ultimate level of achievement, will only build your skillset and increase the odds of success once you find the thing which you are truly great at. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for something if it’s not really what you want. It takes a lot of hard work, mental effort, time, and sometimes multiple direction changes. That doesn’t change the simple fact that you are capable of learning, understanding and doing great things."

Aaron Gwin

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Photo Credit: Colin Meagher/Pinkbike

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