YT the Fuck? (Capra launch video spoilers warning)

YT just released a video to announce the launch of their new Capra. Actually it is more of a short film than a video and it is very, very unsettling.

Instead of going down the usual route of making a 2:59 minute long edit of sick riders ripping up trails faster than you can, YT have produced a horror movie about a mythical goat-being (who I suspect is Aaron Gwin in disguise) that kidnaps mountain bikers, smashes up their bikes and replaces them with the new Capra. They are happy about this and as if they have been indoctrinated into a cult, do nothing to prevent more riders being kidnapped when they see it coming.

It is a very strange advert. The new Capra itself does not actually get shown towards the end, first on some grainy film reel footage and then the 29" and 27.5" versions are displayed alongside each other. Most of the 12-minute film is taken up with the stalking, kidnap and terror of three unsuspecting mountain bikers.

It is memorable though. That much is true. And actually it does make me like the Capra just a little bit more. No bottle cage is still a dealbreaker for me, but if it is good enough to motivate a goat-man (maybe Aaron Gwin is actually a goat-man in disguise?) to kidnap people, and supply them with a shiny new bike, then I am mostly sold.

Anyway, have a look for yourself. Grab some popcorn and your favorite teddy bear and set yourself up behind the couch for 12 minutes of terror:

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